Disposable Plastic Gloves

Easy to put on and take off, the ambidextrous design of these disposable gloves allows each glove to be used for either hand. Disposable gloves provide an extra layer of protection and prevent hand to mouth transmission of harmful bacteria and viral droplets. Made from premium quality latex free material, these non-toxic and non-allergenic disposable gloves protect hands from hazardous materials or fluids and help to safeguard you from contaminants.

                                                                                 Multi Purpose:

Offering multiple applications, these plastic gloves are suitable for kitchen food handling, cleaning, hairdressing, trash handling, car washing, light gardening, touching surfaces at public places like groceries, gas stations, doors, hand rails, and handles etc

Product Detail

Product Disposable Plastic Gloves
CertificationISO, CE, GMP
WeightLight Weight
Package2000 Pcs/Carton
Production Capacity200000 Pcs per day
Production StyleAutomatic Machine
SpecificationAs per requirement 
Feature and usesMedical & Pharma.
StorageRoom temperature
Disposable Yes


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