Pooja Enterprise manufacture high quality disposable laboratory coats are made from a strong, breathable, liquid resistant material, which makes for a comfortable lab coat that is more functional than its cotton counterpart. Disposable lab coats have many cost and contamination benefits. Our customers have stated that they prefer the features of the Optimum Disposable Laboratory coat to the more expensive Tyvek brand.
The laboratory coat material allows the skin to breathe while resisting the penetration of many non-hazardous liquids and particles. Our laboratory coats are manufactured from 53g microporous material, the same material as our Optimum Type 5&6 coveralls. The garments have a high quality front zip and have comfortable latex free knitted cuffs.

Cleanroom Supplies laboratory coats are manufactured from electro-static dissipative microporous material. Our disposable lab coats have many cost and contamination benefits, including eliminating the cost for laundry.

                                                    Product Detail

Product disposable Lab Coat
CertificationISO, CE, GMP
SizeSmall, Medium, Large, XL,XXL.
ColorBlue,White, Green, Can be customize.
Weight25GMS,35GMS, 40GMS.
Package50 Pcs/Carton
Production Capacity20000 Pcs per day
Production StyleAutomatic Machine
SpecificationAs per requirement 
Feature and usesFood Industry ,Medical & Pharma.
StorageRoom temperature
Disposable Yes
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  • Bulk Quantities Available
  • Meet International Standard
  • Packaging is Customizable as per client need