Disposable Isolation Gown Fabric Non Woven

Disposable isolation gown Fabric Non Woven , with reverse gown structure, elastic cuffs or knitted threads to tighten, the back collar is fixed with laces or Velcro, the back waist is fixed with laces, and has multiple sizes , Made of PPPE non-woven fabric by sewing, the fabric is waterproof and prevents blood and body fluids from penetrating, and the joints are not waterproof. It is mainly used for medical operation and treatment of patients. Epidemic prevention inspection in public places. Disinfection in virus contamination areas can also be widely used in military, agriculture, animal husbandry, chemical industry, environmental protection, and other fields


  1. It can protect body from the dust, water and bacteria.
  2. advantage: light weight, breathable, anti-dust, waterproof
  3. neck type can be also with velcro band to fit different neck size
  4. logo: we can sew the customer’s neck label with logo or size mark into the gown.
  5. The cuffs can be elastic cuffs or knitted cuffs.

Product Detail 

Product Disposable Isolation Gown Fabric Non Woven
CertificationISO, CE, GMP
SizeSmall, Medium, Large, XL,XXL.
ColorBlue,White, Green, Can be custamize.
Weight25GMS, 30GMS,40GMS.
Package200 Pcs/Carton
Production Capacity20000 Pcs per day
Production StyleAutomatic Machine
SpecificationAs per requirement 
Feature and usesMedical & Pharma.
StorageRoom temperature
Disposable Yes
  • Pre Order your requirement
  • Bulk Quantities Available
  • Meet International Standard
  • Packaging is Customizable as per client need